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4MAT 4Learning provides tools to support your staff to enhance their training design and delivery.

Our Online Assessment Tools deepen understanding of learning, leadership and training styles for both staff and students to identify strengths, as well as development opportunities.

Our Training Design Centre harnesses 4MAT to accelerate the design of your training materials. This unique platform makes it easy to design, collaborate, store and access all your teaching materials in one place. Improve your practice, enhance your use of the 4MAT system for design and develop more targeted training materials for enhanced results.

Online Assessment Center

Discover how you and your team learn, lead or train best. Explore our range of online self-scoring assessment tools for staff and students to understand individual learning needs.

4MATion Training Design Centre

All your 4MAT training needs in one place! Access our online training centre to create, store, upload and share your training materials in one secure location.       

Online Assessments

We are not all the same, especially when it comes to how we learn. Some of us prefer details, while others focus on the big picture. These differences impact everything in our lives from how we communicate to how we engage in conflict and what we focus on as leaders.

Using a style assessment highlights how you learn and interact in daily life. This understanding improves your self-awareness, helps you to better understand others and enhances your training development and design skills.

These tools form the basis of the 4MAT system for instructional design and provide a fabulous resource in the workplace. You can harness this knowledge to not only better understand how you and your students learn best, but our range of different assessment tools can help you to improve workplace relationships, enhance communication, move from conflict to collaboration and create more cohesive teams as well.

Join hundreds of organisations that use our assessments as part of their learning and training toolkits.

4MATion Training Design Centre

Over time, training materials accumulate and learning materials evolve. This makes it difficult for trainers to find everything they need in the one place when it comes time to develop, update or deliver new training.

Our one-of-a-kind 4MATion training design centre makes it easy to design, collaborate, store, search and share all your training materials, lesson plans and unit of work. From one central location, use any internet-enabled device to access your facilitator guides, participant manuals, teaching units, videos, student worksheets, evaluation sheets, assessment tasks and more.

Accessing the training centre not only helps organise your own training materials. You also get access to our design wizard and videos to help improve your understanding of 4MAT and enhance your training design. Your subscription also gives you access to a library of over 300 4MAT lessons, so you can incorporate 4MAT principles into your training.

Instant Access

Once you have created your account, enjoy 24/7 access to all training materials, your online assessments and the 4MAT lesson library

Increase Productivity of Training Groups

Get participants to complete their assessments prior to training. See profiles with one click, know who has and has not completed their profile at a glance.

Your Training Documents all in one Place

Spend less time searching and more time creating and updating.

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